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The Image depicts a street map of the Marquette campus as it existed in 1937, between Wisconsin Avenue and Clybourn street and from North to south, 16th street to 11th street. This map is described from East to West by block. 

  Wisconsin between 13th and 11th streets: Science and Administration Building, Gesu Church, Johnston Hall, the Law school.  East side of the block is the green house, Lalumiere Hall.  South side of the block is Drexel Lodge, the Engineering School and the Science library.  

Between Wisconsin and Clybourn, on 13th street:  Union House, Gesu School.  

Between Wisconsin and Clybourn, described clockwise starting from Wisconsin Avenue:   Athletic Ticket Office, School of Speech.  On Fifteenth Street:   Medical School.  On Clybourn: Gymnasium.  On 16th street:  Dental School (attached to the west side of the medical school.)
Marquette University Map, 1937. Courtesy of Marquette History Online.

Brad Stratton, former Senior Editor of Presidential Communication in the Office of the President, researched and documented the history the Marquette University Presidents. His thorough work was integral in creating this timeline.

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